Dependability and Accountability Free Essay Example [Essay on dependability]

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Reliability and responsibility.

Two high-quality characteristics that an individual must display are reliability and responsibility. Both characteristics demonstrate moral values ​​that one should hold in high esteem. When it comes to reliability, there are many different ways to prove it, but there are three main elements that make up someone’s reliability. Responsibility in the Marine Corps means knowing where a Marine, or group of Marines, is at any given moment. It is an extremely important factor in the United States Marine Corps.

Don’t use plagiarized fonts. It is so important that in some situations it could be the difference between life and death. For example, if the Marines were deployed overseas in a combat area, and a Marine went missing due to responsibility, it could be possible that he was killed or taken hostage. Although we do not address the seriousness of that situation on the Van-Pad, it should be taken seriously.

Each leader of the Marines is responsible for the Marines in their charge. They need to know where their Marines are at all times to make sure that the tasks to be completed by the unit are done in the proper manner and on time.

If a Marine has other duties or tasks that prevent him from fulfilling the duties of the unit, then a noncommissioned officer should be briefed, so that he knows why that Marine is not present to assist with the task at hand. While Marine leaders are responsible for the actions of their subordinates, ultimately, it is up to that junior to know when and where their workplace is and to make sure they are there on time. The easiest way for Junior Marines to ensure that they are always where they need to be, when they need to be there, or are held accountable, is to contact their small unit leaders to find out where their next duty station is or to that the Marines can tell their NCOs why they can’t get there at that time.

Dependability and Accountability Free Essay Example [Essay on dependability]
Simply calling or texting a noncommissioned officer or colleague can let the store know why you are not at your duty station, causing you to be considered, rather than the AU. When a Marine fails to report or doesn’t let his NCOs know where they are or why they can’t make it to a certain event, it shows his lack of being able to depend on them. It is extremely important, especially in the United States Marine Corps, to be trustworthy. When your fellow Marines know that you are trustworthy, they know they can trust you to efficiently carry out and complete day-to-day tasks. Not only that, but they know that the Marines will also be held accountable, not only for themselves but for the surrounding Marines, showing their ability to maintain good accountability. However, maintaining good responsibility doesn’t just mean being where you need to be on time, whether you’re in charge of the Marines or not, it’s good to know where your teammates are as well in case this knowledge is needed in the future.

Communication is key. If someone leaves and you don’t know why, just ask them where they are going. If someone is not where you know they should be, a simple phone call or text message can let you know why they are not where they are supposed to be, that way they are not marked as UA. Reliability is not only an important trait for a person, but also a leadership trait of the Marine Corps. To quote the Officer Candidate School website, “Being trustworthy means that you can be trusted to perform your duties correctly.” It means that you can be trusted to complete a job. It’s the voluntary support of chain of command policies and orders. ” Being trustworthy is obviously very important because the Marine Corps is basically a system that is a tightly knit group where everyone depends on someone for something.

Whether your job is in administration, an instructor, a job site supervisor, or an avionics technician, everyone depends on someone for some aspect of getting their job done. For example, we rely on military police to protect our bases and protect us from threats, as well as that our pilots rely on their technicians and maintainers to make sure an aircraft is ready to fly and is safe and in good condition. Even if someone thinks their job is unimportant, or not essential, everyone plays a role in maintaining mission readiness. That wouldn’t be possible if no one was trustworthy or if no one was responsible for making sure your tasks are completed. The three elements of reliability are the following: attributes, threats and means.

Attributes are the different qualities of a system. Some examples of attributes are availability, reliability, security, integrity, and maintainability. Threats can be described as something that can affect the system, thus causing a decrease in reliability. There are three different types of threats, which are: bugs, bugs, and glitches. A failure is a defect in the system, while an error is a discrepancy between the expected behavior of the system and its actual behavior within the system, and a failure is a case in which a system exhibits behavior different from its specification.
Lastly, media is a way to increase reliability. Like this document, writing is intended to help increase my reliability.

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