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17 best freelance writing websites (for beginners)
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Are you looking for freelance writing websites for beginners?
I remember when I started my freelance writing journey, I wanted to be paid to write, but I did not have a journalism degree, nor had experience in writing.
However, I became a full-time freelance writer and traveled the world.
If I can do it, you can too!
In this article, I will share all the places that advertise freelance writing jobs. The best part is that you can request it, even if you are a beginner.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to apply to freelance writing websites and how to give the impression of being more experienced, get paid more.
I can recommend a super-duper freelance writing course that I took that helped me get 3 new clients in 3 weeks.

I spent years Googling FREE information and articles on Google (as you are doing now). I needed to keep my costs down since I still wasn’t getting paid for my writing.
But I got tired of reading conflicting or confusing information and took the freelance writing course. He taught me how to introduce myself to new clients and give the impression of experience.
I also learned how to create a freelance writing website, where to find jobs, and what to get paid.

The “Write at $ 1,000” course has a 30-day template that you must follow to reach your first $ 1,000 of writing.
If you are ever going to invest in a writing course, please make it this. It is the most useful thing you can do if you want to know how to be an inexperienced freelance writer.
There is no way for you to end the 30 days and not win a new customer. His training is SO good. And I’m not making it up, because I did the course myself.
Okay, now you know how to pitch, but where are the freelance writing jobs, especially for beginners?
17 freelance writing websites (for beginners)

1. Freelance writing work boards.

The Job Board is a freelance writing website that collects jobs over the Internet for you to review in one place.
You can refine your search to include only certain places or types of jobs.
Blogging Pro advertises blog writing jobs that are perfect for beginners of freelance writing. Blog entries are easy to write and can earn you decent money. Much of my writing income comes from blogging.

PRO Blogger is great. It is one of the best freelance writing websites out there. I have found some jobs through them. You can filter down to the niche you are in and it has a good variety of jobs.
The key is to introduce yourself early every morning, but with that said, I’ve introduced myself and heard from clients sometimes 2 months later.
All freelance writers have posted new writing assignments in the last 30 days. I really like how they also announce the rate you will be paid.
So you can search the niche and pay and decide which one suits you best, to save time.
Journalism is a great place to find freelance writing jobs if you want to be a journalist or an editor.

One of the best freelance writing websites if you are looking for specific journalism jobs.
Media Bistro handles online writing jobs and there is a wide variety of jobs there.
For example, I just watched and it’s advertising for a sports writer, female lifestyle writer, and gossip column writer. Random, huh?
The Morning Coffee newsletter is great because you can subscribe for free and the writing papers are sent to your mailbox every morning.
I have secured some jobs using this newsletter.

Freelance Writing
Above are 7 websites advertising beginner writing jobs.
But let’s say you have tried to request it and you have not received a response or you want to gain experience and you are tired of writing for free.
As a last resort, it might be worth searching the content mills.

The factories content does not pay as well, but the level of experience required will not be high. Also, if you write for free anyway, you could also charge and get some experience.
That said, be sure to move on to higher-paying jobs once you have experience writing for content factories. Don’t get bogged down in the lowest-paying jobs, instead use content factories to gain some writing experience.

Sometimes content factories advertise, “inexperienced freelance writing jobs.

Here is a list of freelance writing websites that are content mills that you can apply to:
Most of the time you will need to request it and if they accept you, they send writing works to which you can apply.
Initially you will be paid through PayPal, it is free to establish one.

How much do you charge
Sometimes when you go to freelance writing websites and apply for freelance writing jobs, the client will ask “what is your fee?
When I was a beginner to freelance writing, I didn’t know what to charge, but I took that online writing course and it guided me on what the current fee was.
The writing course recommends at least $ 0.10 per word but at the beginning I think I charged $ 0.05 per word and increased it with each new client and as I became more confident.
How do you increase your rate?

Offer images to accompany your article.

Speaking from personal experience, you can increase your rate by mentioning that you can include some free photos to accommodate the item.
You can get FREE images from these websites:
Offer SEO-optimized articles.
Also, I recently learned about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
I read some free articles and bought a book on the subject and right away my rate went up when I went into freelance writing websites and said:
“I can offer SEO optimized articles.”
This just means that I can use a free keyword tool (Ubersuggest) to find good keywords and put them in the appropriate places in the article.
If you’re looking for a list of SEO best practices to include in your article, get in touch and I’ll send it to you.
I use it every time I write SEO optimized articles for a client.
Well, there you have it. 17 freelance writing websites for beginners you can apply to right now!
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